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Home and Community Professional (HCP)

The Home and Community Professional (HCP) will work with adults with disabilities in their homes and communities. HCPs provide supervision, assistance, and companionship in the areas of health, safety, and welfare. The goal of the HCP is to help the participant to have the most meaningful experience in regard to participation and inclusion in their communities. HCPs may help the participant with daily tasks including grooming, household care, meal preparation and planning, ambulating, and medication administration (in accordance with regulatory guidance). These types of supports are a part of Companion services. HCPs may also work with clients on goal-oriented tasks where new skills are learned or enhanced. These types of supports are a part of In Home/Community Supports. HCPs report to the Clinical Director of Adult Services, who serves as a direct supervisor and mentor.


Job Tasks


  • Provide supervision in daily tasks and activities.

  • Assist with socialization in the community.

  • Assist with or perform activities for the client. Activities may include:

    • Grooming, household care, meal preparation and planning, ambulating, medication administration (in accordance with regulatory guidance).

  • Provide support during emergency situations.

  • Provide assistance for needs routine monitoring.

  • Transport clients to community activities outside of the home.

  • Provide support with personal care needs at job sites (if applicable).


In Home/Community Support:

  • Provide assistance, support, and guidance in the general areas of self-care, health maintenance, decision making, home management, managing personal resources, communication, mobility and transportation, relationship development and socialization, personal adjustment, participating in community functions and activities and use of community resources.

  • Use teaching techniques such as prompting, instruction, modeling, and reinforcement.

  • Collect data on client performance of identified skills.


General Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Attendance and participation in team meetings for assigned clients.

  • Collaborate with other members of the client’s support team.

  • Maintaining neat and orderly client files

  • Keeping progress notes up to date on a weekly basis in client binders.

  • Responding to emails and communications within 24 hours.

  • Provide weekly check-ins with the DSM.

  • Submit timesheets on a weekly basis.

  • All other duties assigned.



  • Minimum of a high school diploma or general education diploma (GED)

  • At least one year experience in the field of human services, personally and/or professionally.

  • Current Child Line Clearances, Criminal History Report, and FBI Clearances indicating no previous “founded” charges of child abuse or convictions that would compromise the person’s ability to perform the job.


Performance Standards

The following standards will be used to guide the on-going evaluation of the performance of BCCs:

  • All reports, forms, and worksheets conform to J.T. Mummert Consulting LLC designated formats.

  • All reports, forms, and worksheets are completed accurately and submitted in a timely manner.

  • Quality of services provided to consumers and their teams, as measured by satisfaction surveys and commentary provided to agency personnel.

  • Being on time and prepared for scheduled appointments and meetings.

  • Responding promptly and appropriately to questions or concerns from team members.

  • Professional presentation (dress, confidence, initiative, tactful)

  • Modifying approach based on feedback from supervisor (i.e., accepting constructive criticism)

  • Communicating to others well orally and in writing

  • Adhering to all policies and procedures of J.T. Mummert Consulting LLC

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