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Our Services

JTMC offers numerous services for both adults and children. We take great pride in our services, ensuring that we can provide the best so our clients can grow, and the families can get the supports they need. To learn more, read below or reach out.



J.T. Mummert Consulting LLC provides behavior support services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities so they can build the skills required to meet their needs. By using Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), we determine why problem behaviors occur and identify target behaviors to replace them. Behavior Support Services are provided in the participant’s home, place of work, or community setting.

Communication Specialist Services seek to help participants to acquire a functional communication system that effectively and appropriately meets their wants and needs. This is accomplished through the completion of a communication inventory during the initial intake and then a comprehensive Communication Support Plan (CSP) is written. Then, our team will work with participants and their supports to use communication systems.

In Home and Community services are for people with disabilities who are seeking to increase their independence. Home and Community Professionals serve an integral role as the individuals they support are learning new skills to become more independent, or work towards a larger goal such as living in their own space. Similar to companion services, HCP's can provide these services in the home or community.


Companion services are for people with disabilities who are looking for someone to spend time with them in their home or community. Companions often go with people to appointments, help complete errands, help with daily living at home, or to literally “hang out.” Companions can also help with people with disabilities with grooming, hygiene needs, and other essential tasks.



Through behavior consultation and mobile therapy, JTMC provides intensive behavior health services (IBHS) to help kiddos to learn new skills and coping mechanisms, and to help team members to manage challenging behaviors in the home, classroom, or community setting. JTMC also provides services for behavior health technician (BHT) for additional support given to the kiddo. Telehealth is also an option for kiddos who are not feeling well or who would prefer to meet remotely.

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